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Financing schools scheme


The funding framework

The framework governing the arrangements for the financing of schools is in accordance with the legislative provisions set out in sections 45 to 53 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.

The role of the scheme

The scheme sets out the financial relationship between the Authority and the maintained schools which it funds, and puts in place requirements relating to financial management and associated issues which are binding on both the LEA and on schools.

Application of the scheme to the authority and maintained schools

The scheme applies to all schools maintained by the Authority - all Community, Voluntary, Foundation, Community Special, Foundation Special Schools and PRUs. It does not apply to schools situated in the authoritys area which are maintained by another authority, nor does it apply to Academies.

Publication of the scheme

The LEA will notify the head teacher and the governing body of each school covered by the scheme of any approved revisions to the scheme.

This revised scheme for the financing of maintained schools within Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council will come into operation on 1 September 2016. It replaces all previous versions of the scheme. 

Download the scheme for financing schools

Revision of the scheme

Should it be necessary at any time to revise all or part of the scheme, the LEA will ensure that any proposed revisions are the subject of consultation with schools and the Schools Forum. Where a schools forum does not approve the revisions or approves them subject to modifications that are not acceptable to the Authority the Authority can apply to the Secretary of State for approval.


Carole Smith, Business Partner (Schools), Corporate Finance 
0191 433 2747