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Information for Childcare Professionals


The following information has been recently updated and is aimed at professionals who provide care and education to children in Gateshead.

The way we accept training requests has changed. All requests (with the exception of ‘Whole Setting’ Child Protection Training) must now be made online using the Provider Portal. I'm sure you'll agree this is a far simpler and less time consuming process! Please see page 5 of the directory for more information. Training requests made using the old booking form will not be processed.

Training Directory 2016-17

Whole Setting CPBA booking form 16-17

Provider Portal Password Privacy Agreement

Please note: submitting a booking request does not guarantee a place on training. Confirmations will be sent via email approximately 3 weeks prior to the course start date

Any queries regarding the Provider Portal (including login information) can be found in the attached ‘Staff Management and Training Guide’.

Staff Management and Training Guide

Support for settings  - Quality Practice

Prompts for Annual Conversation

Observation of Practice - short version

Assessment and Tracking Progress

Tracking Toolkit 2012

 PVI Group Analysis Form 2015

Integrated Assessment and the Two-Year-Check

Draft Flow Chart

Draft Flow Chart for Childminders

Two Year Old Checks Information

Integrated 2 Year Review Agreement with HV Roles

Early Years Pupil Premium

Early Years Pupil Premium Impact Recording and Monitoring Form

Monitoring EYPP spend

Leadership and Management

Monitoring and Evaluation Table