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We developed SENDirect because we all want families to be able to find the activities and support that suit their interests, preferences, lifestyle and budget, and that can make adjustments to support any additional needs they have. And we want it to be easy. Finding the right afterschool club, holiday cottage, personal assistant or childcare shouldn’t be a full time job – but families like yours tell us it can be.

We want to change the way services for children with additional needs are designed, commissioned and purchased by putting families and what they want at the centre of the process. We want to pull together all the different support and activities that are out there into one place so it’s really easy to find what you want.

There are already more than 1500 services on our site, but we know that this is not enough. Our ambition is that every service you want to use can be found there, and for that we need your help.

We’d like to ask for your support by doing two things:

Firstly please visit our site at and look for the thing you’d most like to see – to be honest you probably won’t find it yet because the site is brand new. But if you fill in the form and tell us what you wanted our team will go out and try to find what you were looking for and get that organisation to list. We will approach providers according to what you tell us is a priority for you – and as the site grows it will grow to meet your needs. Please be patient with us – this won’t happen overnight but we are determined to get there.

Secondly please forward this email to organisations who you rate and ask them to list what they do on our site, so that other parents can benefit from your knowledge. Services can register at . You could even sweeten the deal by offering to write their first great review!

Thanks for your support in this – together we can make it easier for families to get what they need