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Test Gateshead

Test Gateshead - Take the Skills ChallengeTest Gateshead is our campaign to help you improve your Maths and English skills. You can fast track your way to a national qualification, through a mix of distance learning and tutor support, at times that suit you!

What do I do next?

  • Call us on 0191 433 8646 or 0191 433 8738 to book a convenient time to do a short assessment to help you find your starting point 
  • Next, you can do a practice test to help you get ready for the real thing 
  • Then, and only when you feel ready, you can take the real test

What do I get if I pass the test?

It all depends on which level of the test you take!

All courses are free, flexible and designed for adults. There is nothing to stop you gaining both level 1 AND 2 in both subject areas.

Once you pass, you will get a national certificate at level 1 or 2* in either maths or English.    
* Equivalent to a GCSE C grade.

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