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Gateshead Council, Learning and Skills is committed to ensuring every learner has access to an excellent education.

It is essential that we provide learning in a safe learning environment where you feel safe.

We will do everything that we can to ensure you feel safe, are safe and enjoy your learning experience. Staff conduct thorough risk assessments on the venue where you will be learning and the activity you will be taking part in, all members of staff have enhanced CRB clearance and they all receive regular safeguarding training. We also have a designated safeguarding officer to deal with any concerns or issues.

We will not tolerate any forms of abuse. If for any reason you feel throughout your learning experience you have been abused in any of the following ways, please inform us immediately.


Forms of Abuse - Safe Learning
Physical Can include hitting, slapping, pushing, kicking, inappropriate restraint or sanction, misuse of medication or any other physical harm.
Neglect When someone does not look after you in the right way. They may not give you food or medicine, or may not help to keep you clean.
Sexual abuse When someone touches your body when and where you don’t want them to. It may be touching you in a way you don’t like, or making you watch things you don’t like
Emotional abuse When someone upsets you. They may shout, swear and call you names.
Financial abuse When someone takes your money or things when you don’t want them to.
Discriminatory This includes racist and sexual abuse that is based upon the individual’s disability.


Please contact our Designated Safeguarding Officer on 0191 433 8646 or email:

All of our policies and departments in the Council to ensure we have the most up to date information available and know how we can support our learners.

For further information

Police 999 or Gateshead Police on 03456 043 043 if the person is in immediate danger

Referral and Assessment Team 0191 433 2349 or 0191 433 2515, Outside of hours Social Work Team contact 0191 477 0844 for incidents affecting young people.

Childline 0800 1111

Adult Social Care Direct on 0191 433 7033 Outside of office hours Social Work Team contact 0191 477 0844 for incidents affecting adults contact

Safer Families Team on 0191 433 5600 or National Women’s Aid 08-82000 247 for incidents of Domestic Violence

Emergency Duty Team on 0191 477 0844 to make urgent referrals outside of office hours.


Contact Us

Adult Learning

Tel: 0191 433 8646
E-mail: Adult Learning

Family Learning

Tel: 0191 433 8635
E-mail: Family Learning