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Health and safety


Gateshead Council Learning and Skills aims to adopt the highest possible standards to ensure the safety and welfare of all learners and staff.

Gateshead Council Learning and Skills are committed to ensure that we provide;

  • a safe learning environment for children, young people and adults to learn in
  • that all learning takes place in a healthy and supportive environment.

We have a “Duty of Care”, to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all our learners and staff.

We will ensure that

  1. Health & Safety policies and procedures are developed, reviewed, understood, accepted and practised.
  2. All accidents, incidents and near misses are recorded, investigated and appropriate action taken.
  3. That all reported incidents are investigated and remedial action taken where identified.
  4. Risk assessments are conducted and comprehensive risk portfolios are produced for each Centre/venue where we deliver, and that controls are put into place to reduce or eliminate the risk where reasonably practicable.
  5. There are clear health and safety roles and responsibilities for all staff and service users.
  6. Staff receive the appropriate health and safety training to enable them to carry out their duties safely.
  7. Safe working methods are developed, introduced, practised and reviewed within the work place.
  8. There are suitable systems in place for monitoring the management of health and safety and developing and reviewing safe working practises.
  9. Health and safety management is included in performance monitoring.
  10. Health & Safety Policy Statement is reviewed and updated in annually, responding to need in consultation with Gateshead Council Health and Safety Team, Learning and Skills Senior Management Team and Lead Health and Safety Officer.

    Further guidance can be found in Gateshead Council’s Manager’s Health and Safety Handbook and in the Employee Handbook.

    This guidance should be used in conjunction with Gateshead Council Corporate Health and Safety Policy, Community Based Services and Learning & Children Health and Safety Manual, Learning and Skills Safeguarding Policy August 2012 and Skills Funding Agency Health and Safety, Standards for Learners