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Equality and Diversity


Gateshead Council is the first North East Local Authority adult learning provider to achieve the Equality Standard. Achieving the Equality Standard demonstrated a commitment by the organisation to embed sound equality and diversity principles in strategy, management, marketing, recruitment and teaching.

The Standard is a practical tool that has helped us promote and deliver learning to a diverse range of the Gateshead Community and has supported the delivery of high quality effective learning provision. 

The Standard recognises that Gateshead Council Adult Learning and Skills plan and promote and deliver good equality and diversity practices.

The Equality Standard fitted seamlessly into the annual quality improvement and self assessment cycle and has helped the service to

  • Reduce the risk of discrimination
  • Achieve and promote a greater level of equality
  • Engage a more diverse learner cohort
  • Engage those most vulnerable in society

Liz Reay, Chief Executive of Equality North East congratulated Gateshead Council Adult Learning and Skills today on being the latest achiever of the Equality Standard. Liz said ‘It has never been more important for organisations to take steps to embed equality.  The Equality Standard provides national recognition of that good practice. Gateshead Council should be very proud of their achievement.’

Tricia Collins Equality Manager with Equality North East was the advisor who supported Gateshead Learning Services through that journey she said ‘I was particularly pleased to be working with Gateshead Adult Learning & Skills, whom I found to be an inclusive organisation, with the desire to be fair in all that they do, and at all levels. Well done to Karen Milne who helped to deliver the action plan and gather the necessary evidence. I would like to add my congratulations to everyone in the organisation’

Karen Milne the officer responsible for equality in Adult Learning and Skills said “Completing the Equality Standard has further supported us to shape and fine tune the Council’s vision and values for Adult Learning and Skills. The process has given us the tools to ensure a critical overview of our strengths and areas for development in equality and diversity and has increased our ability to meet the needs of a diverse Gateshead.

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