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Training - The key to business success


We will improve the skills and motivation of your staff by working with you to:

  • increase productivity 
  • increase efficiency 
  • improve service standards 
  • improve workforce flexibility 
  •  reduce staff turnover and absenteeism

Gateshead Council Adult Learning is committed to supporting local businesses to develop and succeed. We can offer your organisation a range of learning programmes, tailor-made to meet your aspirations for growth and commercial success.

Our trainers understand that every employer is unique. That’s why we offer free consultancy support and work alongside you to analyse your organisation’s needs, sector requirements and future challenges. This allows us to develop and deliver flexible and bespoke training solutions that can really add value to your business.

The benefits of working with Gateshead Council are clear:

  • we are committed to an economically competitive Gateshead, it is in our interest to help you succeed 
  • we are not for profit – we make sure that you get the maximum resources 
  • we are not just a training organisation, we bring a wealth of occupational experience and expertise 
  • with 10,000 staff, you can take advantage of a wide range of expertise and support 
  • If we can’t make a difference we won’t waste your time

Business Training and Development Services

We deliver:

  • Free consultancy, guidance and advice
  • Let us work with you to discover if learning can have a measurable effect on your business performance

Tailored programmes

We develop bespoke learning programmes that meet your organisation’s needs. Many programmes include accredited qualifications which are recognised nationally as the industry standard.

Non Profit delivery

Our interest lies purely in supporting the development of a thriving business sector in Gateshead and surrounding areas. We are able to invest 100% of our resources in quality training and business improvement services. We make it possible for employers to achieve best value whilst accessing extremely high standards of consultancy and training.


We get best value for money we source funding and training subsidies to help make your budgets go further.

Organisational Benefits

Feedback from satisfied customers has demonstrated that our training packages increase productivity, efficiency and motivation; ensuring that your organisation is economically competitive.


Our experienced trainers develop people, whatever their background and experience. Employee learning development plans are linked to the overall objectives of the business. We review these objectives to ensure that our training makes a bottom line impact to your organisation.

We are specialists in the following sectors:

  • Customer Service
  • Business Administration 
  • Information Technology 
  • Information, Advice and Guidance 
  • Health
  • Health Support Services
  • Team Leading
  • Management

Our training programmes include:

  • Apprenticeship programmes for learners of all ages 
  • NVQ and Vocational programmes 
  • Professional Leadership and Management programmes 
  • Certificated taught programmes 
  • Bespoke in-house training

Each of our training packages are linked to your organisational objectives and designed to be part of your company-wide strategy.

You can be confident that we can help and support you to evaluate what is available and best for your organisation.

To make an appointment to speak to us about your training needs, please call us on 0191 433 8780