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North East Artists Spread Their Angel Wings

Date: 08/04/2008

my angel exhibit Robert Soden The Angel of the North2710
'The Angel of the North' by Robert Soden
Inspired by the Angel of the North, North East artists will be presenting an exhibition of their own Angel work, commissioned by Gateshead Council later this Spring.
As part of the Angel of the North’s 10th anniversary celebrations, Gateshead Council has commissioned a range of regional artists to produce specific works for a ‘My Angel’ exhibition. It will run at The Gallery at Gateshead Central Library from Saturday 10th May until Saturday 5th July.

The ‘My Angel’ exhibition will showcase the diverse and vibrant artistic talent that exist in the region with painters, sculptors, glassmakers, woodworkers and textiles artists collectively imagining and exploring their thoughts and ideas around angels.

The artists involved include Robert Soden, emerging film and photographer Becca Pelly Fry, textile artists Gillian Tallentire and Mandy Pattullo, painter Camille Ormston, Gateshead based Allan White, Newcastle artist and illustrator Amelia Davies and photographer and biological sciences student Sam Curtis.

Director of culture and communities at Gateshead Council, David Bunce, said, “The North East is rich in artistic talent and we are keen to capture it in one exhibition as part of the Angel’s 10th anniversary. Together these artists will look at everything, from the qualities of an angel, to what the Angel of the North gets up to when no-one is watching in a fitting tribute to our borough’s popular sculpture.

“The Angel of the North has had a significant impact on Gateshead’s regeneration but it has also helped to pave the way for great leaps in the art world by showing other local authorities in the UK, and indeed in places around the world, what an iconic sculpture like this can do for people. We are delighted to celebrate its 10th year and it seems more than appropriate to work with local artists to do so.”

The exhibition will include the following:

• The Angel of the North sculpture as a symbol of regeneration and rebirth for the region.

• Artists will explore the definition of angels as messengers and protectors, their silent presence as weathered graveyard guardians, their qualities as mythical heavenly creatures or using their image to evoke the feeling of protection we find in our friends, family and community.

• Mandy Pattullo, who exhibited in the original Angel Exhibition ten years ago, sees angels as ‘silent melancholy presences providing a bit of beauty in our fast paced lives’.

• Camille Ormston will demonstrate how angels represent ‘hope and peace’.

• Allan White’s work will consider what The Angel of the North does when no one is watching.

• Becca Pelly Fry, whose previous photography and film work has focussed on urban angels and winged rockers, will exhibit enchanting papercut light-boxes inspired by angels watching over our secret spaces.

• Sam Curtis will show work that combines his interests in science ecology and fine art; bold self-portraits with images of wings projected onto flesh make up this body of powerful work.

• Amelia Davies will take her inspiration straight from the people on the street by sketching passers by, capturing the qualities in us that go beyond earthly expectations

Many of the artworks on show will also be for sale.




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