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Managing demand

Managing demand

Like many other local authorities a significant challenge facing the Council is increasing demands and expectations for services at a time when funding sources are significantly reducing.

In order to manage cost pressures over the medium term it is vital that plans are made to manage this demand and either reduce or stop it.

A particular area facing this pressure is in both children’s and adult’s social care where costs are increasing and vastly outstrip available budgets. This requires a targeted approach with early intervention and prevention strategies and working in close collaboration with partners.

Other areas of demand include demands for online services, welfare and hardship support, access to public health services. This will involve implementing digital strategies, increasing capacity and skills within communities, close working with partners and volunteers to align priorities and increasing collective responsibility by encouraging and supporting local people, partner organisations, businesses and local communities to play a more active role in achieving priority outcomes for Gateshead.

Budget proposals

 RefDraft proposal
1 Children's Social Care - Early Intervention demand reduction model
2 Children's Social Care - Early Help restructure
3 Reduction in Adult Social Care demand
4 Adult Social Care - Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard refferals
5 Adult Social Care - Develop specialist dementia extra care services
6 Adult Social Care - Review of Domiciliary Care packages
7 Public Health - NHS Health Checks