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Income generation

Income generation

The Council aims to strengthen the medium and long term financial position of the Council through replacing government funding through increasing income sources such as increased areas of trading to generate a surplus for re-investment in priority services.  This will involve a more driven commercial approach to traded service delivery and fees and charges but built upon key council principles and priorities.  The Council benefits from its existing strong in house traded services and the intention will be to use this platform to expand into new markets to generate increased income.

The Council will actively seek to maximise investment opportunities after consideration of risk and financial pay back whilst continuing to seek out and securing external funding.  


 RefDraft proposal
42 Increased trading across Learning and Schools function
43 Adult Social Care - Trading and income generation
44 Commissioning and Quality Assurance - Joint Commissioning Unit
45 Development, Transport and Public Protection fees and charges
46 Additional income contributions
47 Street Scene - fees and charges
48 Street Scene - Highways design income
49 Economic and Housing Growth increased rental income
50 Property income
51 Health and Safety traded income generation
52 Corporate Finance increase SLA income
53 Customer and Financial Services increased traded income generation
54 IT Service increased income generation
55 Corporate Trading and Investment income
56 Trading and Commercialisation service