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Efficiencies and savings

Efficiencies and savings

The scale of the budget challenge means that the Council will still face further significant cost reductions through efficiencies and different methods of service provision and reductions in service provision.

The scope of this will require a realignment of budgets to Council spending priorities. This in turn may result in ceasing existing activities, scaling down activities or services, renegotiation of contracts or Service Level Agreements.

Despite already achieving considerable budget savings to date the Council will continue to drive efficiencies through changes to the way the Council works, for example, through exploiting new technology, consolidation of buildings and services, reducing complex processes.

The Council will also actively look to streamline its processes in order to support effective decision making and make the best use of available capacity.

Opportunities for working in collaboration and partnership and different ways of working will be identified and developed where this will support the delivery of the Council’s outcomes and improve service efficiency and delivery.  


 RefDraft proposal
8 Early help and education: Toy library
9 Efficiencies in early help and education - Business Support and Commissioning and Quality Assurance services
10 Social work, children and families - Continuing Healthcare Contributions framework
11 Social work, children and families - reducing the number of Looked After Children
12 Whole system re-engineering within Children's Services
13 Adult Social Care - Extra Care
14 Adult Social Care - Directly provided Domiciliary Care and management structures
15 Adult Social Care - Community Links
16 Adult Social Care - directly provided Independent Supported Living
17 Adult Social Care - Review of Domiciliary Care Packages
18 Commissioning and Quality Assurance - Review of Supported Housing
19 Commissioning and Quality Assurance - Review of prevention services
20 Public Health - Making every contact count
21 Public Health - Sexual health
22 Public Health - Substance misuse
23 Public Health - Carers
24 Housing General Fund expenditure efficiencies
25 Development, Transport and Public Protection
26 Commissioning and Business Development
27 Street Scene- staffing efficiencies
28 Street Scene- Weekend working practices
29 Street Scene - Household Waste Recycling Centres
30 Street Scene - Public conveniences
31 Street Scene - Transport services
32 Economic and Housing Growth
33 Policy, Performance and Communications
34 Legal, Democratic and Property Services
35 Human Resources and Litigation
36 Corporate Procurement
37 Corporate Finance
38 Customer and Financial Services
39 IT Services
40 Trading and Commercialisation Service
41 Change Programme