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The Council’s role

The Council has a role in supporting local residents, community groups and the voluntary sector in accessing, designing and delivering council services.  We want Gateshead to be a safe, fear-free and tolerant borough with accessible cultural and leisure facilities, activities and sports for all.

We currently do this by:

  • building capacity within communities and facilitating volunteering opportunities to enable a network of council and community run facilities and services to ensure resilient communities.
  • providing and promoting sport, cultural and creative events and opportunities to residents, students and visitors to Gateshead
  • providing interventions to reduce health inequalities
  • providing library and leisure facilities

Possible destination

  • Reduced service directly funded by Council
  • Increased income

But this would be dependent on achieving significant income targets through:

  • Leisure services
  • Culture services

If income is not achieved the outcome will be reduced and ceased services which would include closure of buildings and services.

Reduced services, within statutory definition:

  • Library services

Reduced funding and services to:

  • Sage Gateshead
  • Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums
  • Newcastle Gateshead Initiative

Alternative delivery models could also be considered.

Three year plan involves reduced services directly funded by the Council and increased income;

  • Consider different delivery models for the Gateshead International Stadium
  • Integration of Leisure and Libraries
  • Implement Library review
  • Consider fee income generation strategy for Leisure - £2.8m by 2020 and self-financing
  • Self-financing culture team
  • Reduced contribution to culture partners

Key actions to get to the destination

  • Determine the income generation strategy and delivery options for the future of Leisure
  • Consider the options for the future development of Culture
  • Income generation for Culture Services
  • Develop “vision” and development plan for Gateshead International Stadium with partners
  • Achieve financial sustainability through income generation of £2.8m by 2020 for Leisure Services.  

Budget proposals

 RefDraft proposal
45 Reductions in contribution to SageGateshead, BALTIC and Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums, Newcastle Gateshead Initiative* - possible further reductions in 2018/19
46 Implementation of library review - consultation held July – October 2016* 
47  Withdrawal of subsidy to leisure which could result in the closure of facilities if it is not possible to generate the required income  - possible additional income 2018/2020*
48 Consider different delivery model for Gateshead International Stadium

Year 2 and year 3 will see the following further work:

Culture income generation - Culture Team will be more commercially focussed. With this in mind income targets will be set for 2018-2020.

* These proposals formed part of last year’s budget consultation exercise.