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Gateshead Volunteers

Gateshead Volunteers is about involving more local people in a way that benefits them and their community.  We want Gateshead to be known as a national leader in promoting and supporting volunteering.

Some of the things we were involved in during 2014-15 included:

  • revising the Council’s Community Asset Transfer Policy and Procedures to strengthen voluntary sector engagement and activity, providing opportunities for income generation and enabling more opportunities for volunteering.
  • leading a national campaign to encourage other councils to extend Volunteer’s Week to a month to coincide with its 30th anniversary.  130 organisations including other local authorities and councils for voluntary service signed the Volunteers Month pledge of support.  Our own Volunteers Month involved over 460 organisations, with 7,000 taking part.  323 people recorded 38,244 hours of volunteering on our “totaliser”.
  • recruiting and training six volunteers for a community resilience role.  Volunteers will assist communities to harness local resources and expertise to help themselves and those less able to help themselves in an emergency, in a way that complements the response of the local authority and emergency services.