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Communities and Environment


What does the group cover?

Strategic Director, Paul Dowling

This group brings together a number of statutory functions such as planning, licensing, highways and traffic management as well as policy priority areas of community development and volunteering, energy strategy and climate change. Environmental and building related services falls within this group as well as commissioning and performance managing the management of the Council's housing stock.

The group contains the following service areas:

Development, Transport and Public Protection - Service Director, Anneliese Hutchinson

The service aims to ensure health and safety and protect the environment whilst creating the conditions necessary to encourage economic and housing growth through policy, projects and where necessary, experience. It has a key role to play in improving health and wellbeing of the borough's residents.

Commissioning and Business Development (Communities and Environment) - Service Director, Tony Alder

The service leads and manages development of group commissioning, business model development, service transformation, partnership working, performance monitoring and management, new business models and group business support. The service also supports residents, councillors, community groups and the voluntary sector to access services and engage and build capacity.

Council Housing, Design and Technical Services - Service Director, Peter Udall

Council Housing, Design and Technical services provide a number of services within the council and to external clients for example The Gateshead Housing Company, schools, other public and private organisations).

It provides a comprehensive design service in the areas of building design, electrical and mechanical design and cost consultancy, contracts management and client services related to building design and development as well as managing the councils capital programme with regard to building developments.

The service is also responsible for managing the housing revenue account and commissioning housing management services from The Gateshead Housing Company.

The design and technical service also incorporate the energy management team which manages energy use and energy policy and develops energy efficient schemes such as the District Energy and Solar Photovoltaic projects.

Economic and Housing Growth - Service Director - Andrew Marshall

This service is responsible for leading the council's efforts to create a strong, sustainable and inclusive economy. It works in collaboration with other council services and a range of partners across the policy areas that drive growth - the business environment, labour market and physical infrastructure - with the aim of boosting prosperity and reducing economic inequality.

Direct Delivery and Traded Services

Street Scene - Service Director, Colin Huntington

Street Scene provide a range of integrated services to help keep the environment in which people live, work and spend their spare time in a clean, safe and attractive condition.

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