Sponsorship Opportunities

As you may expect, running the Clean Tyne Project isn’t a cheap operation. Our running costs are approximately £100, 000 per annum. Our principal costs are made up of:

  • 60% vessel operating costs inc crew
  • 15% debris disposal
  •  8% maintenance/repairs
  •  8% fuel
  •  4% bank raids
  •  3% insurance
  •  2% Press/PR

If your organisation can help in any way towards making a real difference to the River Tyne and the Clean Tyne Project please contact us.


The Importance of the Clean Tyne Project

The aim of the Clean Tyne Project is achieving and maintaining a clean river. On the first survey in 2004 it was noted that only 18% of the 106 zones surveyed could be classed as grade A. Progressing from the 2004 survey many river bank raids have taken place and debris collected by the vessels allowing a liner trend to be applied to the amount of sites now reaching zone A classification, a record high was reached July 2008 with 85% of sections now class as zone A. The September 2008 flooding event dramatically reduced the number of grade A zones. The response of the Clean Tyne project was absolutely paramount in recovering the previous high levels of cleanliness along the river. Overall there has been a 280% increase in zone A sites from 2004-2011. The Clean Tyne Project has also improved four zones that are designated Local wildlife sites (previously SNCI) which are now classed as Grade A zones. 

The Clean Tyne Project is important economically, as a clean river can have an impact and increase tourism. An attractive river is also an elite commodity in riverside property and can increase property prices. With large items of debris removed it makes the river more navigable for vessels. Species such as Salmon and Brown Trout benefit from the Clean Tyne project as a lot of hazardous materials such as plastic bags are extracted from the river. The Clean Tyne project is important as it has already formed strong links with the local community and continues to make those bonds stronger, by inviting level schools, businesses and charity groups on river raids, by participating in the river raids, working as a team brings groups of people together from many different walks of life and at the same time raises environmental awareness.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Activities to get involved in  

  • Become an official sponsor of the Clean Tyne project
  • Build team spirit at a River Bank Raid (Clean Tyne will work with you to set up an event for your staff)
  • Support clean Tyne’s education projects
  • Sponsor a habitat improvement on the tidal Tyne
  • Enhance a run down area with a waterside art installation
  • Sponsor Clean Tyne clean up kit like wellies,   graffiti removal kits and gloves


  • lasting and tangible environmental improvement
  • Enhancing relationships with the local community
  • Educate about practical ways to improve the environment
  • Opportunity to raise your local media profile
  • Team-building in a non-office environment
  • Increase staff morale
  • Opportunity for teams to meet and work together

Corporate sponsorship levels

Bronze level

  • Your company logo on our web pages and promotional materials. 
    Silver level
  • Your logos on web pages and promotional materials
  • Press coverage
  • Plus one free ‘bank raid’ per annum.
    Gold level
  • Your logos on web pages and promotional materials
  • Press coverage
  • Plus one free ‘bank raids’ per annum.
    Platinum level
  • Your logos on web pages and promotional materials
  • Press coverage 
  • Plus two free ‘bank raids’ per annum.
  • Our River Bank Raids offer an outdoor, practical way to improve the local environment and bring staff and colleagues together. It is an enjoyable team building event that makes a lasting change.
  • Companies can run a Bank Raid or benefit from free Bank Raids through sponsorship.
  • The Bank Raids are clean up events coordinated by the Clean Tyne Project. They are a fun way for businesses and community groups to volunteer staff time to make a real impact on their local environment. Around 25 local businesses and over 600 volunteers have taken part in River Bank Raids clearing over 950 tonnes of rubbish from the River Tyne.

What can you expect on the day?

  • We will work with you to identify a suitable site based on your group size and location. These can form a regular effort to maintain a chosen site or as a one off day.
  • Events usually last around 3 hours, working at low tide within 45 minutes either side for health and safety reasons.
  • All removal equipment is supplied along with gloves and hi-viz waistcoats. We also provide washing facilities and refreshments. All litter and debris collected on the day is removed for recycling by the Clearwater where possible.
  • Comprehensive risk assessments are carried out before each event as well as an extensive safety briefing on the day witch will take in to account any changes to the conditions.
  • Our bank raids can currently accommodate groups of up to 30 people. If any members of your group have a physical disability or a sensitive medic condition that may prevent them from participation then please let us know in advance and we will find a way of involving them in the day.
  • We provide press releases and photographs to the media for promotional purposes.

Costing and staff support

  • The project asks for a £350 fee towards the running costs of a Bank Raid event. If the event has bespoke branding these are charged at cost.
  • We provide all pre-event planning, preparation and site visits. Along with all cleaning equipment and removal of debris after the event.
  • Businesses that take part receive a framed certificate recognising their achievement. This is a great way to raise team morale; a press release is also issued which will attract excellent publicity for your business.




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