Clean Tyne Project Workshops 'Inspiring Young Minds' - School Visits

Posted: Friday 3rd July 2015
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A series of free workshops were arranged with primary schools to promote the use of the practical education pack 'Inspiring Young Minds'.  This pack was produced in 2013 and hard copies of the pack were sent to schools in all four riverside local authority areas.  It is aimed at primarty schools Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.

Caron Henderson of North Pennines Outdoor Learning was asked to set up and run the workshops for 4 schools in each of the riverside local authorities - Newcastle, Gateshead, North Tyneside and South Tyneside.  Over 100 schools were contacted from September 2014 with 16 schools booking workshops, which were held between October 2014 and March 2015.  During this time, 28 workshops were held for a total of 805 children.

The workshops consisted of a basic PowerPoint presentation which was then developed depending on the age of the children, length of workshop and any particular curriculum requests from class teachers.  For younger children,  soft toys of creatures found in the River Tyne were used, such as Otter and Salmon.  The children were encouraged to interact, and in many workshops, designed posters and pictures inspired by the information given.

After the workshop, each school received a personalised certificate to acknowledge they had taken part in a Clean Tyne Project activity.  Feedback was very positive from teachers, pupils and parents.  Some comments received were:-

"My son Cassius was in Miss Maxwell's class. He loved the workshop.  I got a whole recount on the way home, and he was very excited and shocked at all the things that have gone into the Tyne over the years, so thank you". Teacher/Parent

"I had lots of parents come up to me the day after the workshop whose children had told them about the river and who were really interested". Teacher

"Caron's work was fantastic and we'd love her back in the future to work with other classes". Teacher

[Lesson plans were] easy to use with some lovely activities.  The children were really engaged which allowed the teacher to get some writing from children such as a persuasive letter.  Background information was informative and helpful". Headteacher

List of Schools

Hadrian Primary (South Tyneside)

Byker Primary (Newcastle)

Crookhill Primary (Gateshead )

Headworthfield Primary (South Tyneside)

Marine Park First School (North Tyneside)

Southridge First School (North Tyneside)

Lord Blyton Primary (South Tyneside)

St. Oswald's C of E Primary (South Tyneside)

Bede Community Primary (Gateshead)

Dunston Hill Primary (Gateshead )

Riverside Primary (North Tyneside)

Harlow Green Primary (Gateshead)

Tyneview Primary (Newcastle)

Moorside Primary (Newcastle)

Knoplaw Primary (Newcastle)

Percy Main Primary (North Tyneside)