20th May 2013

The Clearwater is relaunched after it's annual overhaul and with some extra funding from the Port of Tyne.



Representatives from the project on board the Clearwater for the relaunch.











The crew from the Clearwater removing debris from Tyne dock.







17th July 2012

More Heavy Rain Keeps The Crew Of The Clearwater Busy


The boys on the Clearwater have been very busy over the last few weeks.DSC00273











After even more heavy rain washes more debris down the river the crew of the Clearwater have been working all weekend to keep the river clean and safe, at times removing great rafts of timber.DSC00455




















Along with the timber the Clearwater have also recovered a number of vessels from the river all of witch would have been a hazard to other river usersDSC00278.

























22nd May 2012

Rapid Response By The Clearwater To The Recent Storm Flood Event


The Tyne river has been impacted by the recent storm flood events. The most severe impact concerning the Clean Tyne Project is the vast amount of debris that gets washed into the Tyne.



As you can see from the Image above most of the debris that entered the Tyne was wood. This wood has the ability to form a raft like structure which is a hinderance particularly to vessels trying to navigate through along the River Tyne.

The Clearwater had to work quickly and efficiently during the days passing the storm flood event to recover the river, and return it to its previous state or better.




The Clearwater responded to the storm flood event by clearing debris 5 days per week, each week or approximately 20 days out of each month of the year to try and maintain a clean healthy river.




The Clearwater team remove debris using the crane built into the boat and place it in the skip on-board to remove it from the river. As a result of  the Clearwater and the Team working with the Clean Tyne Project the Tyne River is constantly improving. Which not only benefits vessels navigating in the river, but makes the river more aesthetically pleasing for local residents, local businesses, wildlife and tourists.