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Doing business with the Council


Corporate Commissioning and Procurement Strategy

The Corporate Commissioning and Procurement Strategy (1.44Mb) sets out Gateshead’s approach to using our resources within the borough in the most effective way to deliver the best outcomes to the people of Gateshead in order to achieve our strategic ambition as set out in Vision 2030 and the Council Plan.

How to do business with the council

Gateshead Council encourages competition and welcomes bids from new and established suppliers.

Contracts are awarded for their value for money and whilst the council cannot discriminate in favour of locality, we are committed to supporting and encouraging local firms to compete for contracts.

Guide for suppliers and contractors

We have produced a guide to assist suppliers and contractors who wish to supply the Council with goods, materials, services or works. It helps in the following ways:

  • It outlines the rules that the Council must follow;
  • It alerts companies to the opportunities to supply the Council;
  • It explains how to bid for Council work;
  • It advises the appropriate contacts within the Council for categories of spend.

It also supplements the Council's standard procedures and ensures we obtain value for money.

How to do business with the council - a guide for suppliers, contractors and providers (109Kb)

What are the benefits of working with the Council?

We are:

  • Fair;
  • Non-discriminatory;
  • Professional;
  • A long established organisation;
  • Prompt to pay.

If any company is interested in pursuing business opportunities with the Council, they should respond as requested to an advertisement or contact the officer responsible for that area of business.

Transparency Agenda

Details of previous invitations to tender are included in the documents below.

October to December 2017 Download (46Kb)
July to September 2017 Download (47Kb)
April to June 2017 Download (38Kb)
January to March 2017 Download (52Kb)
October to December 2016 Download (46Kb)
July to September 2016 Download (40Kb)
April to June 2016 Download (39Kb)
January to March 2016 Download (46Kb)
October to December 2015 Download (49Kb)
July to September 2015 Download (19Kb)
December 2014 to June 2015 Download (44Kb)

Contracts, commissioned activity, purchase orders, framework agreements and any other legally enforceable agreements can be accessed here.

Important - NEPO Portal upgrade

The NEPO Portal has upgraded. If you were a registered supplier on the NEPO Portal your account will have automatically transferred. 

NEPO Communications

Issued 18 April 2016 
Issued 3 May 2016 
Issued 17 May 2016
Issued 20 May 2016 (Supplier Action Required) 
Issued 20 May 2016 (Supplier No Action Required) 

Visit the help area for guidance documents and video tutorials on the new system. See also, NEPO's general guidance documents to support suppliers through the transition What's New for Suppliers and Action Checklist.

Further communications will be issued from NEPO and Due North over the coming weeks detailing the changes and what steps you will need to take to ensure your account details are correct and that you continue to receive the relevant opportunities.

Please note:
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