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Self and Custom Housebuilding Register


The Gateshead Council Self and Custom Housebuilding Register is a register of individuals, individual households and groups of people who are seeking self-build or custom build serviced plots in Gateshead.  

Your entry on the register does not create a requirement for Gateshead Council to identify a serviced plot for you at this stage. The Council is however required to take account of the register in carrying out planning, housing, land disposal and regeneration functions.

The application process

There are two online application forms; one for individuals and individual households and another for ‘associations of individuals’ , for example a community led or group self build.

The application process is split into two parts. 

  • Part A consists of required mandatory information to join the register.
  • Part B consists of a non-mandatory information that the Council would utilise to assess your requirements for a self build service plot.

If you have previously registered with a different organisation this is unrelated to Gateshead Council’s Self and Custom Build Register and we will not have your application information.

Join the register

To be eligible to register you need to be:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • A British citizen, a national of an EEA State other than the UK or a national of Switzerland.            
  • Seeking (either alone or with others) to acquire a serviced plot of land in Gateshead to build a house to occupy as your sole or main residence.
  • Willing to provide your full name, address and date of birth as a minimum requirement.

Apply to join the register as a group

Apply to join the register as an individual

There is not currently a fee to make an application.


Acceptance onto the register

We will let you know if your application has been successful by email (or post where email is not available) within 28 days of receiving your application and give reasons for the outcome.

How Gateshead Council will use the information provided

Following acceptance on to the register your name, address, date of birth and citizenship record will be placed on the register. The register is not a public document and these details will be retained securely for the purposes of determining demand for self and custom build serviced plots in Gateshead. The Council is required to report annually to government details of the register in respect of numbers of entries onto the register and numbers of serviced plots required and provided.

The Council is required to keep and publicise a self build Register under the Self- Build and Custom Housebuilding (Register) Regulations 2016 and to have regard to the register when carrying out planning, housing, land disposal and regeneration duties. 

If you have given your permission for Gateshead Council to communicate with you about other opportunities related to self build we may send the sales particulars of Council owned land suitable for self build and invitations to events on self and custom build.

Amending or removing your details on the register

To remove or amend your register entry, you are required to send a written request. The Council is required to respond within 28 days of receiving the request. The written request has to be sent from the main applicant in the case of individual households or in the case of an association of individuals, the lead contact identified in the register.  

The Council may remove an entry from the register if it considers that the individual, or in the case of an association any member of the association, is no longer eligible for entry in the register. Notification of the decision will be sent in writing to the individual or the lead contact of the association.

Please send all written requests to:

Nancy Yeung
Technical Support – Housing Growth Unit
Economic & Housing Growth
Policy, Economic Growth and Transformation
Gateshead Council
Civic Centre
Regent Street

Or email nancyyeung@gateshead.gov.uk