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Finding a building plot

Can we help you find a plot of land to build on?

Finding a plot of land to build your home on, or a property to renovate, is often cited as one of the most difficult parts of a making a self-build project happen. We are in the process of identifying land suitable for self build housing either through the Councils surplus property or in partnership with the private sector. The sales particulars of Gateshead Council land and property for sale is listed on our property to let and buy webpages.

If you are an individual, or a group of households looking for a serviced plot of land in Gateshead, and you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply to join the Gateshead Self and Custom Build Register and formally record your interest in seeking a serviced plot of land in Gateshead. 

Before searching for a plot it’s a good idea to think about what location you want to live in, to look at local prices of land and property, to assess if this is an affordable choice of location. It is advisable to be flexible and to avoid getting involved in detailed design ideas before you have found a plot.

You can contact local land and estate agents and let them know what your requirements are. Google Maps is an excellent tool for spotting possible development opportunities without having to walk the streets.

Further information on finding a plot:

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