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Vision 2030 is Gateshead’s Sustainable Communities Strategy.

A Sustainable Communities Strategy is produced in line with Local Government Act 2000 and is a document, which is developed in consultation with Partners to set out a strategic vision for an area.

Gateshead’s Vision 2030 considers how the residents of Gateshead perceive the area and indicates the improvements that people would like to see across Gateshead. Consultation, carried out by Gateshead Strategic Partnership with local people, lasted nearly a year in order to gain a good insight into how Gateshead is recognised, and in order to determine what development and regeneration would need to occur to change people’s perceptions for the better. Vision 2030 sets out the focus and direction of the Local Plan.

In light of the partnership between Gateshead Council and Newcastle City Council, a subsequent Bridging Document has been produced to bring together our sustainable communities ambitions, in order to develop the joint Core Strategy.



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