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Sustainability Appraisal


The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requires that a Sustainability Appraisal is carried out during the production of all Local Development Documents (LDDs). Sustainability Appraisal also includes the needs of the EU Directive on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

Sustainability Appraisals look at the possible social, economic and environmental effects of plans. This is done by assessing the document against a set of 'sustainability objectives'. A screening process is used to say whether the plans will have any significant effects on the environment. If it is thought that there will not be any significant effects, the Sustainability Appraisal will not need to include a full report, but will still look at environmental issues.

The sustainability appraisal informs plan preparation through an iterative process which ensures that the options selected are, on balance the most sustainable when social, economic and environmental issues are considered.  Each draft of our documents have been subject to a sustainability appraisal at an early stage, and where appropriate, recommendations from the appraisal have been used to revise the content of our plans.

The sustainability appraisal process for Local Plan documents 'Metrogreen Area Action Plan' and 'Making Spaces for Growing Places' has begun. The first stage of this is to consult on the SA scoping reports for the two documents. After this consultation an appraisal will begin on options and policies within these documents as they arise. Consultation on the Scoping reports is for 5 weeks. If you wish to make comments, please do so by 30 October 2015. The two documents can be found below.



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