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Planning Obligations SPD

The Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document describes Gateshead’s approach to requesting contributions towards infrastructure from developers.

The SPD does not set policy, but provides a framework for implementation of policy DEL1: Infrastructure and Developer Contributions of the Local Plan.

The SPD:

  • Clarifies the relationship between planning conditions, planning obligations, the Community Infrastructure Levy and other legal agreements
  • Helps ensure the timely provision of infrastructure to support growth
  • Aids the smooth functioning of the planning application process by explaining the Council’s process and procedures for using planning obligations
  • Assists in securing both local and national objectives in respect of the provision of sustainable development and
  • Assists applicants to make successful applications 

The SPD that was adopted in February 2016 was an interim SPD pending receipt of Gateshead’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Examiner’s Report, and the subsequent adoption of Gateshead’s CIL.

In November 2016 the Council adopted the CIL and charging schedule, which will take effect from 1 January 2017. Following consultation and re-publication of a revised SPD (between September and November 2016) the Council has now adopted the first review version of the SPD, which is aligned with the provisions set out in Gateshead's CIL, and in particular the 123 Infrastructure List. 

The Revised Planning Obligations SPD First Review, the Adoption Statement and the Consultation Statement are available to view below. Paper copies are available to view at the 2nd Floor reception, Civic Centre, Regent Road, Gateshead, NE8 1HH, and at all Gateshead libraries.

For enquiries or further information, please contact the Spatial Planning Team on 0191 433 3415 or email ldf@gateshead.gov.uk


Revised Planning Obligations SPD First Review (Adopted December 2016) (377Kb)

Revised Planning Obligations SPD First Review Adoption Statement (29Kb)

Revised Planning Obligations SPD First Review (Publication, October 2016) (420Kb)

Planning Obligations First Review SPD Consultation Response Table (116Kb)

Planning Obligations SPD First Review Consultation Statement (35Kb)

Revised Planning Obligations SPD (Consultation, August 2016) (778Kb)

Planning Obligations SPD (Adopted February 2016) (364Kb)

Planning Obligations SPD Adoption Statement (49Kb)

Planning Obligations SPD Consultation Statement (24Kb)