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What is the Local Plan?

In 2012 the Government introduced a new planning system in England through the National Planning Policy Framework. It placed a requirement upon Local Planning Authorities to produce a new set of planning documents called the Local Plan. These will gradually supersede the remaining saved Unitary Development Plan policies (originally adopted in 2007).

The Local Plan is the future Plan for Gateshead to deliver Vision 2030. It will present our spatial vision until the year 2030. Instead of being just one document, the Local Plan consists of a number of different documents covering the full set of planning policies that will manage and influence future development in Gateshead. The timetable for producing these documents is set out within the adopted Local Development Scheme.

The Local Plan is made up of several documents including:

Planning for the Future – Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan for Gateshead and Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2010-2030 (Adopted March 2015)

The Plan sets out the spatial planning framework to deliver economic prosperity and create lifetime neighbourhoods from 2010 to 2030. It is central document in our Local Plan, containing an overall spatial vision, objectives, strategy and policies. The Plan covers the whole area within Gateshead and Newcastle administrative boundaries including strategic policies and specific policies for the Urban Core, Sub- Areas and sites.

Gateshead Unitary Development Plan (UDP) - Remaining Saved Policies (March 2015)

A number of UDP policies are saved and will remain part of Gateshead’s Local Plan until they are superseded by policies in further documents forming part of the Local Plan.

  • Current Local Plan Policies
    Local Plan policies cover a wide range of issues including topics such as as housing, jobs and employment, health and wellbeing, green belt, environment, retail and community facilities. Gateshead Local Plan Policies (March 2015) (3Mb) comprises policies recently adopted as part of the Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan, and those Unitary Development Plan policies which remain saved.

    These can also be viewed on the interactive policies map for Gateshead.    

Making Spaces for Growing Places

This will set out more detailed policies for across the Borough, including development management policies to guide decision making on planning applications and defines areas allocated, or designated, for specific purposes.


Metrogreen has been identified as an area which offers the opportunity for the development of a mixed-use sustainable community within Gateshead. It is the Council’s intention to produce an Area Action Plan for the Metrogreen area.

Supplementary Planning Documents

These set out more detailed guidance around specific issues, such as urban design and alterations to houses.