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Interim Policy Advice Notes


These documents are part of a series of Interim Policy Advice (IPA) which are being made available for comment in association with the Gateshead Re-Deposit Draft Replacement Unitary Development Plan (UDP). They emerge from the UDP and are intended to clarify and amplify policies contained in it.

The IPA documents were originally produced as Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) in support of the first Deposit Draft UDP. However, following changes to the development plan system emanating from the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, the production of SPGs is no longer possible.

Under the Town and Country Planning (Transitional Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2004 the Council began producing updated Interim Policy Advice that provide more detailed accompanying guidance relating to specific areas of planning policy.

As of July 2007 a number of IPA documents were produced and where appropriate, comments that were made in response to draft SPG have been incorporated into the IPA.

Whilst not having the statutory status of SPG, the IPA documents are adopted Council Policy, and are material considerations in determining planning applications.

Supplementary Planning Guidance 4: Children’s Play Area Standards and 5: Provision of Open Space and Landscaping in New Developments are available to the public on request to the Spatial Planning and the Environment via email

Excerpts that are pertinent to the Planning Obligations SPD have been taken from the SPG’s and are available in the documents below, for information.

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