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Pre prepared Pre Application Advice


Gateshead Council is committed to providing an efficient and effective planning service. The Council therefore offers a dedicated pre-application advice service providing advice aimed at helping submit a complete and accurate planning application which complies with the relevant plans, policies and guidance.  

Pre-application forms

What are the benefits of pre-application advice?

Explains how plans, policies and other requirements affect your proposals;

Identifies at an early stage any need for specialist advice or issues that need to be addressed and indicates the third party organisations you should seek advice from;

Helps in the preparation of a planning application explaining which plans and supporting documents will be required with a planning application;

Gives an indication of the likely requirement for contributions to be made by the developer (e.g. levels of affordable housing, highways or sustainable travel contributions);

Can reduce the time consultants spent on working up your proposals;

Highlights unacceptable proposals saving time and money;  

Providing the pre application advice is taken into account applications can be dealt with without any unnecessary delay.


Pre-application advice is a non-statutory part of our service and the Council has a duty to make effective use of our resources. To help offset the cost of supplying this service the Council charges a modest fee for providing pre-application advice and other planning enquiries. These charges are made in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 2003. The fee required depends on the nature of your enquiry and the scale of development proposed.


There will be no charge for customers who are disabled and are seeking advice to adapt their property to meet their needs due to their disability. There will also be no charge for registered charitable organisations or for internal Council projects being funded by the Council (externally funded projects will be charged).

Points to note

Whilst we always aim to provide an impartial and professional response to all enquiries we cannot act as planning consultants and any advice given cannot prejudice the Council’s final decision on your proposal when a formal planning application is made. All planning applications will be subject to public consultation and ultimately may be decided by the Planning and Development Committee.

Where a planning application is submitted without seeking pre-application advice, or pre-application advice is not followed, the application is likely to be determined without further negotiation except where only very minor amendments are required to make a development acceptable. Failure to seek or follow pre application advice may result in an invalid application if the relevant and necessary information is not provided. Failure to seek and/or follow pre application advice could lead to the refusal of planning permission.

Whilst we will seek to identify third party organisations that should be consulted on your proposals we cannot provide advice on their behalf. We can provide advice that will assist you in developing the design for your proposals however we cannot assist in the drawing up of plans or recommending specific companies to you (for example architects or planning consultants).

Our pre-application advice relates only to issues relating to planning. You should be aware that  development may also require consent under other legislation including building control, licensing and highways legislation. Your land may also have legal covenants on it that the Council are unaware of and these will need to be dealt with as a civil matter by you with any interested party.

What pre-application services do we provide?

Householder Planning Service

This service is aimed at local residents who wish to carry out works to extend their home or carry out other works within the curtilage of a dwelling. This could include building an extension, a detached garage or outbuilding, decking, paving, driveways or boundary walls, fences or gates.

We offer two levels of householder service

  • Householder Pre-Application Enquiries (Will I get Planning Permission?).
  • Householder Permitted Development Enquiries (Do I need Planning Permission?).

Non-Householder Planning Service

This service covers all other non-householder development including new development, alterations and extensions to existing properties, changes of use, advertisements and telecommunications development.

Our non-householder planning services include:

  • Non-Householder Permitted Development Enquiry (Do I need Planning Permission?).
  • Minor Development Enquiry
  • Major Development Enquiry
  • Strategic Development Enquiry
  • Telecommunications Enquiry
  • Planning History Search

Forms, fees and charges


(Form A) Householder Permitted Development

(Form B) Householder Pre-Application Enquiry Form

(Form C) Tree Enquiry

(Form D) Non Householder Permitted Development Enquiry

(Form E) Minor Development

(Form F) Adverts

(Form G) Major Development 

(Form H) Strategic Development

(Form I) Telecoms

Pre Application Service

Fee Table

Planning History Search

Pre-application guidance notes

The Council provides a range of advice on specific types of development. These guides and advice notes have been produced to help identify the main points to consider, in order to achieve an acceptable planning proposal. The guides and advice notes give general advice only, so it is important to note that the guidance provided is not site specific and may not be wholly applicable in all situations.  

Each planning application is dealt with on its own merits and the Council needs to consider all material planning considerations relevant to the individual application.

Householder Alterations and Extensions SPD

This Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out design guidance for home owners on the design of house extensions / and or alterations.  It is a key document produced by Gateshead Council to encourage high standards of design quality in the built environment.  Additionally, there are several other guidance notes that deal with specific types of householder extensions and alterations.

Householder Alterations and Extensions SPD

Roof Extensions and Alterations, including Dormer Windows

Front Porch Extensions

Single-Storey Side Extensions

Single-Storey Rear Extensions

Two-Storey Rear Extensions

Domestic Outbuildings

Fences, Walls and Gates

Chimneys, Flues and Soil and Vent Pipes

Driveways and Hardstanding


Advice note 2 (Changes of Use from open space to garden) (65k)
Advice note 3 (Hot Food Take away) (66k)
Advice note 4 (Small Scale Residential Development) (71k)
Advice note 5 (Taxi and Private Hire Offices) (44k)
Advice note 6 (Conversion of farm buildings to Residential Use) (79k)
Advice note 7 (Horsiculture/Keeping Horses) (75k)

Advice note 8 (Granny/Family Annexes) (72k)

Other guides

The Council have produced a number of other guides relating to topic areas which will be of assistance depending on the nature of development proposed.

Shop Front Guide (508k)
Public Rights of Way – Major Applications (200k)
Public Rights of Way – Minor Applications (200k)

Planning Guidance for Smoking Shelters (37k)

Waste and Recycling Guide (388k)
Interim SuDS Advice (380k)

To speed up our processes and dealing with pre-application enquires we would encourage you to make your enquiry electronically using the email address below. Alternatively you may wish to post the details into us at the address below.

North East Design Review and Enabling Service (NE-DRES)

NEDRES provides expert, constructive, impartial advice to developers, planning authorities and other agencies. NEDRES provides advice on the architecture, landscape, urban design and climate change impacts of master plans and development proposals. The remit of NEDRES is to help raise design aspirations and encourage adoption of more consistent design standards across the North East of England. NEDRES is part of the Design Council CABE affiliated Design Review Network and is hosted by a partnership between RIBA North East and Northern Architecture.Gateshead Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NEDRES recognising the role design review can play in improving development proposals and is committed to embedding design review in the development management process thereby improving the quality of design outcomes of significant schemes in Gateshead.

For further information visit the NEDRES website

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