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The views of our customers are very important to us. Not only do they let us know how well we are doing but also they help us to plan any improvements to our service. Here are what some of our customers say about us.

Storey Sons & Parker (SSP)

"I know that Gateshead Council takes pride in delivering an outstanding customer focussed development management service. From a user's point of view I can say without hesitation that Gateshead Council is pre-eminent.

The planning staff are consistently and readily contactable in marked contrast with many other local authorities where it is often impossible to access case officers or support staff when questions or problems arise. From an agent's point of view this generates greater confidence and certainly helps us when advising our clients on planning matters or when submitting planning applications. I wish more Council's could aspire to such levels of quality in the delivery of their planning function." 

WHP Wilkinson Helsby

"WHP undertake telecoms ADC (Acquisition, Design and Construction) services for all the key telecoms operators of the UK. As WHP’s Principal Planner I cannot recommend highly enough the importance of the excellent pre-application service that Gateshead Council Planning Department offer. WHP have recently utilised this pre-application service thus allowing a planning submission to be discussed with key consultees prior to moving forward into the planning system. Following this pre-application process the full planning application was expediently approved by the LPA."

Persimmon Homes

"The approach towards development management services is both proactive and positive. Through simple yet effective working group arrangements its seeks to offer a one stop shop which allows corporate decisions to be made thus ‘ironing out’ potential conflicts which often crop up during the process. The certainty provided from this approach is exactly what is needed if projects are to be delivered and thus the Gateshead team is well positioned to be able to cope with the challenging times ahead."

UK Land

"UK Land Estates work regularly with Gateshead Council and the Development Management Team. Gateshead Development Management team are approachable, positive and proactive, encouraging close liaison to understand the commercial customers requirements and to find a solution to progress matters where possible."

Ravensworth Property Developments LLP

"I have been genuinely impressed by the commercial awareness and can-do attitude of the Development Management Team. If the North East economy is to recover quickly, it is vital that the public and private sectors foster closer working relationships to deliver sustainable growth"

Millbank Architects

"Having completed numerous (in excess of 100) planning and building regulation applications over the last 3 years we can confirm that Gateshead Council offer a superb and efficient service.

We work with several other local authorities in relation to planning applications and regard Gateshead as by far the best. We particularly rate the communication received during all planning applications which prevents delays to the application process. This is in stark contrast to some other authorities!

We use Gateshead Council Building Control on all projects no matter what the locality due to their excellent communication levels and highly efficient service.

Overall we would not hesitate to recommend any of the services offered by Gateshead Council and look forward to continued work with them in the future."

Cundall Johnston & Partners

"From developments we have submitted we found the inter-disciplinary response to pre- and post-submission discussions to be a particular strength, enabling many facets of a scheme to be considered together, and ensuring that matters would be dealt with in a comprehensive and thorough manner. The applications greatly benefitted from this approach, and both were recommended for planning permission after an extensive dialogue between consultants and officers."

Northern Architecture

"Northern Architecture worked closely with Gateshead Council’s Development Management Team to develop and deliver a programme of training for elected members with a particular focus on those who sit on the Planning and Development Committee. The Development Management team were great to work with, very clear about their needs and aspirations for the programme of work and offered useful feedback throughout the process in order for the training to develop effectively over the three sessions. We would very much hope that we would have the opportunity to work with the Development Management team again in the future by offering additional training sessions for officers and members, through our Design Advisory Services Expert Panel and our community participation and engagement work streams."

Ian Belsham Associates

"We have undertaken many construction projects in the last 20 years within Gateshead and have worked closely with the officers from the Development Management and Building Control We have always found the Development Management team to be efficient, fair minded and supportive of our proposals.

After many years working with the Building Control officers, we entered into a partnering arrangement for Building Regulation applications and they now process the majority of our applications regardless of location - this partnering arrangement allows ongoing consultations throughout the design and development stage of a project and provides us with the comfort of knowing that our proposals will be compliant."

Gradon Architecture

"GRADONARCHITECTURE have worked positively and collaboratively with Gateshead Council and their Development Management team throughout 2010 successfully delivering a number of affordable and Code for Sustainable Homes. Throughout this period their approach has been professional, informative and highly responsive."

Miller Homes

"Miller Homes have had numerous developments over the years in Gateshead and have developed a good understanding of the 'all important' process of the pre-planning process which the Authority actively encourage. A recent large site in a sensitive location in Gateshead resulted in a satisfactory Planning Permission being granted subject to a s106 agreement at the first application.

However, what really made the difference was the manner in which the designated Planning Officer quickly scoped out the site and gave us an idea of the design brief which set the scene early on, this informed our Land Offer and option structure with the vendor.

Regular Design team Meetings quickly developed once the pre-planning advice was taken on board and the planning process was made so much easier as both Miller Homes and Gateshead Council understood each others expectations. By making use of the pre-planning advice really helped us avoid what could have become a stale mate and wasted Millers time and money not to mention waste Officers valuable time."