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Planning Permission


Why do I need Planning Permission?

The purpose of the planning system is to regulate the development and use of land in the public interest. This is achieved by requiring that all development (with a few exceptions) must have planning permission before work commences. Applications for planning permission are only refused if the proposed development would be detrimental to public interest.

Planning permission is required for most building work and also for a range of other development such as changes to the use of buildings and areas of land.

In addition to planning permission you may also need Building Regulation Approval for proposed alterations and development.

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Submitting a planning application

In most cases this will involve the submission of scaled drawings and application forms. A minimum of four copies is required because we make the application available for public inspection and also we consult Parish Council's and experts such as Environmental Health Officers. Further information on what is required for each type of application can be found on the validation checklist on our  page.

If you decide to employ someone to submit your application all correspondence relating to the application will be sent to them.

The main points to remember;

  • Answer all the questions on the forms signing and dating where relevant.
  • Make sure the certificate of land ownership is completed.
  • Make sure that all plans are clear and precise with scales or dimensions clearly shown.
  • Outline the application site in red.
  • Send 4 copies of all plans and 4 copies of the application forms.
  • Make sure you send the correct fee.

If you are in any doubt about any aspect of the procedures contact the Planning Team. This will help to overcome any possible delay in processing the application caused by an incorrect or incomplete set of details.

You can also submit an application online through the Planning Portal.

You can buy a site location plan from the Planning Portal.

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How long does it take to make a decision?

Although we have to give people time to comment on applications, most applications are decided within eight weeks.

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Who will the decision be made by?

Planning Applications submitted to the Council are either considered by the Planning and Development Committee or delegated to the Service Director of Development, Transport and Public Protection for determination.

Major Applications, those which would have significant environmental or economic impact are dealt with by the planning committee, as are those which have given rise to 5 or more objections or which have been referred by Council Members.

More straightforward, less contentious applications are decided by the Service Director of Development, Transport and Public Protection under powers delegated to her by the council.

For more information on the Planning and Development Committee including access to Committee dates, agendas, reports and minutes please take a look at our Planning and Development Committee page. 

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Pre-application advice

Gateshead Council offers a pre-application advice service to all members of the public. This advice can be useful in helping to guide your proposals prior to submitting a formal planning application. Most pre-application advice is subject to a charge.

Further advice on the pre-application service and relevant forms and charges

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