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Other Types of Permission and Consents


A variety of other planning related applications may be required. For further information please contact the Planning Information Officer| or go to the Planning Portal| where you can apply online.

Below are some of the different types of application that you may be required to make.

Non Material Amendments

New legislation was introduced on 1 October 2009 which legally allows the Council to approve non material changes to approved developments (SI 2009 no2261 T&C Planning (GDP) (Amendment no 3) (England) Order 2009.

An application| for a “non-material amendment” removes the need for an entirely new planning application to be submitted where only a very small change is sought. Such an application, if approved, would form an amendment to the original planning permission and would be subject to the conditions and time limit of the original permission.

As to whether a change is material or non material is a decision to be made by the Local Planning Authority and the Tyne and Wear protocol below helps explain how such an assessment is made.
For applications that are for non material amendments there are no consultations requirements (due to the minor changes) and a decision should be issued in 28 days. 

Protocol for non material amendment| (131K PDF)
Application Form| (257K PDF)
Guidance Notes| (30K PDF)

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Extenstion of Time applications

New legislation has been introduced that allows for any planning application granted planning permission prior to 1 October 2009 to have it’s “life” extended assuming it is still within the time period that it could be implemented.

To make such an application requires the completion of the application form below but you do not need to resubmit all the previous supporting documents (including any design and access statements).

It is useful however to provide a covering letter/document explaining the reason behind why you are seeking an extension of time as this will form part of the basis for assessing the application along with any changes in planning policy or on site material considerations.

Application Form| (311K PDF)
Guidance Notes| (15K PDF)
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Advertisement Consent

The advertisement regulations set out a number of categories where permission is not required to display certain advertisements. However many advertisements (particularly large signs and illuminated adverts) require advertisement consent.

Advertisement Consent Application Form| (406K PDF)

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Listed Building Consent

Any work that would affect the character of a Listed Building needs prior consent. This may include internal work as well as external and any demolition. The requirement for Listed Building Consent is in addition to any requirement for planning permission.

Listed Building Consent Application Form| (410k)

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Conservation Area Consent

This is required if you intend to demolish certain buildings in Conservation Areas|.

Conservation Area Consent Application Form| (402k)

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Lawful Development Certificates

The council will issue a certificate if it is satisfied that a particular development is lawful within the meaning of planning legislation. This would include proposed extensions, which are permitted development, or uses that have become lawful due to their long-term existence.

Certificate of Lawfulness Proposed Use Application Form| (401k)
  Certificate of Lawfulness Existing Use Application Form| (415k)

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Outline Planning Permission

An outline application seeks to establish whether the principle of a certain development to a particular site is acceptable and usually relates to more major developments. If approved, further details known as reserved matters will have to be submitted later before development can commence.

Commercial Planning Application Form| (444k)

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Change of Use

Change of use permission will normally be required to change the use of a property or area of land to another as set out in the Use Classes Order. Some changes may not need permission, if you have any doubt about whether your change of use requires planning permission please contact the Planning Information Officer on 0191 433 3426.

Change of Use Form (79k)

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