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Landfill sites


The Blaydon landfill and Path Head landfill sites have considerable local interest. The Blaydon landfill site is operated by Octagon Green Solutions and is located off Lead Road between Blaydon Burn and Greenside. The Path Head landfill site is operated by Suez and is located off the A695 Ryton-Crawcrook bypass.

  • Both sites fall under the planning control of Gateshead Council, particularly in terms of their restoration. If there are any concerns about how the site is used, phone 0191 433 3150 or email enquiriesdevcon@gateshead.gov.uk
  • The day-to-day management of the sites is regulated by the Environment Agency. The Environment Agency has a 24hr hotline to report any incidents. This is 0800 80 70 60.

Further information is available from the Environment Agency about the Blaydon landfill site and the Path Head landfill site.

Roles and responsibilities for landfill sites

The table below sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Council and Environment Agency in regard to the landfill sites:

Issue Environment Agency Gateshead Council
Landfill gas   x   
Leachate   x   
Surface water   x  x
Ground water   x  
Odour   x  
Dust   x  x (restoration only)
Litter   x  
Birds   x  x (off site pest control)
Noise   x (landfill)  x (restoration)
Rats   x  x (off site pest control)
Flies  x  
Opening hours    x
Types of waste  x  
Mud on the highway  x  x
Vehicle movements    x
Pre-settlement heights  x  x
Post settlement heights     x
Lifespan of the site     x
Boundary of the site   x  x
Site security   x  
Lining / capping   x  
Restoration     x
Fires   x  
Annual waste input   x  
Duty of care (sheeting of loads)   x  x
Accidents   x  
Vibration   x (landfill)  x (restoration only)


Gases and odour at Path Head landfill site

There is an ongoing issue with strong and unpleasant odour coming from the Path Head landfill site. This is causing discomfort and distress for the people living nearby. 

An open meeting was held on 25 February. There were lots of questions raised that were directly relevant to the council, with particular regards to Planning and Public Health; two areas which the council are responsible for.

View these questions and answers.

We will update this page with any further information we have, when we have it. If you have any questions which are not answered below or on the Environment Agency’s webpage, please email them to planhighenf@gateshead.gov.uk.

Ongoing updates are available from the Environment Agency