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Having Your Say


Who makes decisions on planning applications?

To find out about who makes the decision on planning applications please see our planning permission page.

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Commenting on Planning Applications

As part of the planning process, occupiers of neighbouring properties are consulted, but the Council welcomes the views of any interested parties while it considers planning applications. In this way it can be sure that it has all the relevant facts when it comes to make its decision.

Please see our Notifying the Public leaflet for further information about the notification process.

pdf Notifying the Public (536k)

It is important that you put your views in writing at the earliest opportunity so that we can take them into account. An application can be decided at the end of the consultation period, usually 21 days after neighbours have been notified by Development Management. So do not wait until the end of this period to make your views known. You should consult the case officer to see if you can still make comments before the decision is made.

Having Your Say

Gateshead Council seeks to make planning decisions inclusive of everyone’s views whether in support or objecting to development proposals.

It is important that if you wish your views to be taken into account then you must write (letter or e-mail) to the Council giving your name and address as well as the application reference number.

You can make your representation using the Public Access part of this website.

Some applications are determined by Planning and Development Committee and if you wish to speak at Committee you must make that clear in your letter or e-mail and include a daytime telephone number.

Below is a customer leaflet entitled "Having Your Say" and this gives information as to how to make your views known in writing and also the speaking procedures operated by the Council at Planning and Development Committee.

Please note that you may write in and also ask to speak at Committee but the application type you are interested in may not be heard at Committee either due to its size, less than 5 objections or because there has been no Councillor written request for the application to be determined at Committee. In those cases your written submission will be fully considered by the planning officer and the application will be determined by the Service Director Development and Public Protection under delegated powers and not by Committee.

Should you require any advice or clarification please contact the Technical Support Team on 0191 433 3416 or via the email at 


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