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Live Gateshead Love Gateshead 

Read the stories of Gateshead residents who are experiencing regeneration first hand and learn why they love their communities.

Christine Websters Story

Moving home

Hear how Christine found a new home.  

Greg Walker Story

Cultural gem

Greg loves the cultural gems of his Bensham neighbourhood. 

Mr and Mrs Brazer's Story

Home makeover

Learn how the Bazlers' home was transformed.

Jens Rahmann Story

Park life

Jens loves the parks and green spaces in his community.

Shaun Hughes Story

Central stop

Shaun loves the central location of his Saltwell home.

Leysa Bourne Story

Parks and play

Lesya loves Bensham's parks and play facilities.

June Fenwick Story

Building communities 

June hopes community spirit will remain in her changing neighbourhood

Nicola Sutton Story

Making a home

Nicola thinks Saltwell is a great place to raise her twins.

Liz Keating Story

Scenic views

Liz loves the views across her neighbourhood.