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The Bazlers' story

Live Gateshead Love Gateshead 
Mr and Mrs Bazler enjoy their blooming garden

Frederick and Beverly Bazler have been living in Saltwell for over a year and have seen some great improvements in their area since then.

"When we first came to the area we weren't very impressed with this street", said Frederick. "But when we found out this property would benefit from the block improvement scheme, we decided to move here and see how the area would be transformed".

The Bazlers' property, as well as many others in the area, has received an external make over through the block improvement scheme. New railings, walls and doors have been fitted and improvements made to drainage, stonework and roofing to spruce up the street.

"Lots of people comment on how lovely this street looks now", said Beverly. "People are taking more care of their gardens and the street stands out as somewhere that residents are really proud of".

The Bazlers think the housing improvements in their area are also encouraging a greater sense of community spirit throughout their neighbourhood. "As people take more pride in their homes, the whole community benefits", said Beverly.

"The area's now attracting more people who want to settle here for the long term", said Frederick, "which means we're getting neighbours who are really committed to making this community a lovely place to live".