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Nicola Sutton's story

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Nicola Sutton
Nicola, Jack and Chloe love feeding the ducks at Saltwell Park
Nicola Sutton is a Saltwell resident who thinks this is a great place to raise her twins.

Nicola, mother of one-year-old twins Jack and Chloe, has lived in Saltwell for eight months and thinks it offers lots of amenities for her growing family.

"When I found I was expecting twins we were living in a one-bedroom upstairs flat", said Nicola. "The Gateshead Housing Company rehoused us to a fully modernised house in Saltwell, which is such an ideal place for my family.

"The kids have their own bedroom and there is so much room for us all, plus a garden."

Nicola thinks her neighbourhood combines a great mixture of leisure facilities and local services: "It is very peaceful and quiet, and the neighbours are really friendly. The whole area is clean, with plenty of amenities like local shops, public transport, Saltwell Park and lots of schools for the twins in the future."

So what are Nicola's hopes for the future of her community?

"That it is respected and keeps getting better. I lived in the area six years ago and, since I have moved back, it does seem to have improved lots. I hope this continues."