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Liz Keating's story

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Liz Keating is looking forward to the improvements at Bewick Road Park
Liz Keating lived in Dunston for more than 30 years before moving to Bensham ten years ago.

She loves the scenery of her community and enjoys taking in the stunning views on walks through her neighbourhood.

"Wherever you are there are great views", said Liz. "I love the views of the river from Derwentwater Road, the walk to the river at Dunston Staithes and the view of the bridges. I also love the grid pattern of the streets which are filled with little parks."

Although Liz feels the appearance of her community is let down by fly-tipping and dog fouling, improvements are being made in her neighbourhood. "My street has its own residents group and they do a lot to keep the area tidy and pretty", she said. "Bewick Road Park is also going to be turned into a community park, and I would love to see benches and fruit trees planted there."

So what are Liz's hopes for the future of her community?

"I would like to see more integration and celebration of the area.

"There are lots of hidden gems in the community - like the Shipley Art Gallery and shops on Coatsworth Road - that we should celebrate more."