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June Fenwick's story

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June loves the community spirit in Teams

June Fenwick has lived in Teams all her life and loves the history and community spirit of the area.

"I have always lived in the Teams - Derwentwater Road when I was younger, then Cowper Street and now Tynevale Terrace," said June.

"When my children were young they made a great circle of friends in the area and I then became friends with their families, most of which still live around the doors in Bensham Crescent and the surrounding area."

June's community is one of many that is being changed by regeneration. The streets near her, including Dixon Street and Corbitt Street, have been emptied and are awaiting demolition so that new, modern homes can be built.

"When you've lived in an area since being a child, it's sad to see people moving away and the streets changing", June said.

"When new people move to the area they won't know anyone and the sense of community won’t be the same as it used to be.

"I hope the new people who move here do make the effort to join our community and that they stay here so that this new community lasts for a long time."