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Jens Rahmann's story

Live Gateshead Love Gateshead 


Jens Rahmann and Sietske Bouma love the renovated Avondale Park
Jens Rahmann has lived in Bensham for three years and loves his tight-knit community.

"The best thing about Bensham is that it’s a multicultural neighbourhood", said Jens.

"It's got lots of facilities and locally based activities close at hand, including shops, public transport, plays, exhibitions and concerts.

"The parks in the area are also great; Saltwell Park because of its liveliness and views into the countryside, and Elysium Lane Park because of its quietness and scenery."

As well as improvements to the environment, Jens has also seen better living conditions in his area over the past few years. "I've benefited from free loft and cavity wall insulation from Warm Zone, and have seen nearby Balfour Street and Saltwell Road updated by the block improvement scheme."

So what are Jens' hopes for the future of his community?

"I'd like to see more public space improvements and greenery added to the public realm following on from the success of the newly refurbished Avondale Park.

"I'd also like to see more events that bring the community together to celebrate their neighbourhoods."