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Christine Webster's story

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Christine Webster
Christine Webster
Christine Webster has lived in Gateshead all her life and is one of many residents to be directly affected by regeneration.

As part of the plans to improve the Bensham and Saltwell neighbourhood, Christine moved from Saltwell Road to Faraday Grove in February 2009 so that housing in the area could be modernised and renovated.

"I didn't want to move at first as I loved my flat and the its big kitchen where all my family and friends would come to visit", Christine said.

"It was a big change for me but I'm settled now and still have lots of room for all my visitors!"

Gateshead Council's Neighbourhood Management Team worked with Christine to find a home that would meet her needs. The Team arranged for an outdoor facility where Christine could store and charge her mobility scooter, and organised removals on moving day.

Christine is starting to see real changes in her community as regeneration projects - including block improvement works and landlord vetting schemes - take shape.

"The area is looking really nice now and people are starting to take better care of their communities again. There was no respect here but things are getting better. The area just needed some tender loving care", said Christine.

"The projects show that the council is really trying to make a difference here and families in the area now need to take responsibility for their homes and neighbourhoods.

"This community will be left to our children and we need to make sure they respect their environment and their neighbours now so that they have a great home in future".