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Bensham and Saltwell walking maps

Walking maps launch1
Local people get fit using the walking maps

Discover the hidden gems of Bensham and Saltwell.

These walking maps will help you learn more about the neighbourhood's fascinating history...while keeping active!

The booklet below has five walking maps that each take around 30 minutes to complete.

Each map has a different theme so you can see new sites on every walk.

Walking maps launch2
The walking maps have lots of interesting facts about Bensham and Saltwell

Map 1: Shops and social crusaders
Check out the shops on Coatsworth Road, one of Gateshead’s oldest terraces and the blue plaques celebrating local people

Map 2: Cultural gems and literary lessons
Visit some of Gateshead’s best arts and cultural venues, and see the refurbished Avondale Park

Map 3: Architecture and open spaces
See the stunning improvements to our streets, the Little Theatre and Saltwell Park

Map 4: Churches and inventors
Take in the architecture at Saltwell’s historic churches, and find the streets that are named after famous inventors

Map 5: Pocket parks and a country cottage
Visit the neighbourhood’s pocket parks, and one of its most historic buildings, Bensham Grove

When you've done all of the walks, use the online questionnaire to tell us which was your favourite and why you enjoyed it.

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