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Discount disregard

A full Council Tax bill for an occupied property is worked out assuming at least two adults are living there. Some adults are not counted and can qualify for something called a “discount disregard”.  The table below shows how a bill would be calculated:

Number of adults living in the property Number of adults who are not counted  Level of Council Tax discount %
1 1 50%
2 1 25%
2 2 50%
3 1 0%
3 2 25%
3 3 50%
4 1 0%
4 0%
4 25% 
4 50% 

In some cases the type of disregarded persons may equal a 100% exemption. These are highlighted in bold below. Read about categories of exemptions if you think you might be entitled.

People not counted (discount disregard)  Description Apply 
Person in detention People detained by order of a Court. Applies whether they are in prison, in a hospital, or in any other place. This Discount Disregard lasts for the period of detention.  Apply for discount
Severely mentally impaired

The severely mentally impaired person must be:

a) entitled to a qualifying State Benefit, and

b) a medical practitioner must confirm their severe mental impairment.  
Apply for discount
Persons in respect of whom Child Benefit is payable Where a person has reached the age of 18 but Child Benefit is still payable for them.  Apply for discount
School and college leavers Any person aged 18 or 19 years who leaves school or college between the 1 May and 31 October in any year. Before they left they must have been studying a qualifying course of education. An A level is an example of a qualifying course of education. Apply for discount

Students are not counted for Council Tax purposes. The term “Student” covers:

a) a Foreign Language Assistant registered with The British Council; 

b) any person on a full-time course of education at a prescribed educational establishment;

c) a person aged under 20 undertaking a qualifying course of education
Apply for discount
Student Nurses studying at college or university

A Student Nurse studying full-time at a college or university will qualify in the same way as a student above.

Apply for discount
Student Nurses If not an academic student, the Student Nurse must be following a course leading to registration under the Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors Act 1979 Apply for discount
Non-British spouses of student

A spouse or dependant of a student.  They must be:

a) not a British Citizen, and

b) prevented from taking paid employment or from claiming Benefits whilst in the UK.

Apply for discount

Employed for the purposes of learning a trade, business or profession. They must be:

a) doing a qualification approved by the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority, and

b) employed at a salary of no more than £195.00 per week. 

Apply for discount
Youth Training Trainees Under 25 years of age and doing training funded by the Learning Skills Council for England.   Apply for discount
Hospital patients A person who has their main home in a NHS Hospital. This class only applies to a hospital with a valuation band; it does not apply to a private dwelling. Apply for discount
Patients in homes A person living in a residential care home, nursing home, mental nursing home or hostel.  This class only applies to homes or hostels with a Valuation Band; it does not apply to private dwellings. Apply for discount 
Care Workers who are paid

A carer must be: 

a) providing care through a connection with Crown/charity/local authority;

b) employed for at least 24 hours a week;

c) paid no more than £44 per week and

d) resident where the care provided or in premises provided for the care.
Apply for discount
Care Workers who are not paid

A carer must be: 

a) providing care for a person entitled to certain state benefits;

b) living in the same property as the person receiving care;

c) providing care for at least 35 hours per week; and

d) not the spouse/partner of the person receiving care;

e) not the parent should the person receiving care be under 18 years of age.
Apply for discount
Residents of hostels for the homeless or night shelters

Any person living in accommodation for the homeless. 

Apply for discount 
Members and dependants of international headquarters and defence organisations

Any person (and dependant) who is a member of: 

a) an International headquarters; or

b) a defence organisation
Apply for discount 
Members of religious communities The principal occupation is prayer, contemplation, education, relief of suffering or any combination of these. To qualify each person must have no income or capital of their own. Apply for discount 
Members and dependants of visiting forces Member of a visiting force or a member of a civilian component of a visiting force. Apply for discount 
Persons with diplomatic privilege or immunity Any person with diplomatic privileges and immunities Apply for discount 

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