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Disabled reduction


If the criteria listed below is met you can apply for a disabled reduction from your Council Tax. 

If a disabled person lives in your home you may be able to get a reduction in your Council Tax.

The disability must be permanent with at least one of the following features present:

1. a room which is not a bathroom, a kitchen or a toilet used for the most part by the disabled person; or

2. a second bathroom; or

3. a second kitchen; or

4. use of a wheelchair indoors.

To qualify, whichever feature is present must meet the needs of the disabled person. This means the feature must be necessary or important to the disabled person’s well-being. 

Please note that the disabled person does not have to be the Council Taxpayer. Also there is no restriction on the age of the disabled person. 

When we have received your application an officer will be in touch to arrange a visit to your property. 

If your application is successful we will reduce your Council Tax bill by one Valuation Band. For example, if your home is in Band C we will charge you at the Band B rate. If your home is already in Band A, the lowest Valuation Band, we will reduce your Band A charge by about 15%.

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