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Local crisis payments


What support is available?

We can offer two types of support:

  • Crisis awards – refers to an urgent need as a consequence of an emergency, disaster, unforeseen circumstance or pressing need that is strikingly different from the pressures generally associated with managing on a low income and where a household has insufficient resources to meet an urgent need that poses an immediate and substantial risk to their health and safety.
  • Community support – to help vulnerable people live independent lives to remain and become integrated into the community.

To be eligible for support, you will need to demonstrate that you have exceptional needs. You will need to be on means tested benefits (or have applied for these) to be eligible and we will check this with the Department for Work and Pensions. You will be expected to provide firm evidence of your situation to us before we would offer you any support. We will check the information you provide with other people - for example, your social worker or support worker. Support is available to Gateshead Council residents only.

If you are awaiting an award of benefit from the DWP and there is a delay and you have no money you can apply for a short term benefit advance. To do this you need to contact DWP on 0345 608 8545 and select the option for the benefit you are waiting for.

If you require a budgeting loan or advance please contact the DWP 0345 603 6967 or you can apply online at  

For further information and to apply to Universal Credit for an advance or budgeting loan contact Universal Contact Centre by telephone 0345 600 0723. 

The councils scheme does not provide assistance in these circumstances.

The Local Welfare Provision scheme features: 

  • No cash payments - we will provide eligible people directly with goods and services only.
  • Stricter rules about repeat applications - you will need to have engaged with support services available in the borough to apply again and only up to a maximum of two awards in any 12 month period will be allowed.

Local Discretionary Grants Scheme April 2013

How do I apply?

Local crisis payments application

To make an application for a local crisis payment please use our online application form.

Apply for a local crisis payment


Contact us

For more information or to speak to a member of the team please call 0191 433 3676 or 0191 433 3876